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Tungkillo Shooting Complex Inc

Contact Details

Location: Tungkillo
Club Contacts: 0499 554 498

Current Program

About the Club

A new SSAA club and shooting complex just 55 scenic minutes from the Adelaide CBD or 70 minutes from the Adelaide International Airport situated in the picturesque Adelaide Hills area. This complex is currently under construction and is not yet operational but things are happening quickly.

What will we shoot

We have an exciting vision for this club!

How far are you in development?

SSAA SA were successful in securing a $ for $ grant from the State Government giving us a substantial budget for a world standard multi-discipline shooting complex. The money is in the bank and nearly all the planning and approvals have been completed/approved or submitted.

We are already an incorporated sporting club and a branch of the SSAA. We have been officially recognised as Firearms club by SA Police and the Minister.

What ranges will be on offer?
Various rifle ranges have been identified and surveyed. Initially we are building an indoor 10-25m Air Rifle/Air Pistol/Rimfire range and then a separate 500m full bore range. We have also identified a template for an Extreme Long Range (ELR) starting at 900m and stretching out to 2000m (including 900m, 2x 1000m, 1609.3m range (1 mile club), 2000m).
We have surveyed a location for an extensive pistol calibre range. It will have a 120m x 6m shelter to fire from with dedicated 100m range, and various 25m – 50m long area and a 40m x 25m long area. You can use your imagination with regards to all the types of disciplines, matches and scenarios that will be shot in here.
We are still working on positioning for a shotgun range template and Archery.

The grand plan is that all ranges will be able to operate concurrently. So pistol people don’t have to wait for shotgun people who have to wait for rifle or archery people etc.

What about my family?
This club will have a strong family friendly atmosphere. Female, male and disabled shooters will all be catered for. Youth will be encouraged to participate in fun events to boost confidence, awareness and firearms safety. Those that have a competitive nature will have opportunities to compete at state and national levels just like adult members.
Camping is also part of the plan which will encourage the interstate travellers and or those just wishing to spend the weekend here taking in the atmosphere of the location and making the most of a weekend.
Camping facilities include toilets and showers for families, youth groups and Scouts groups etc.

What about licensing?
If you need assistance with rifle, shotgun and pistol licensing we can help. We have SAPOL-accredited firearms safety instructors that will be running courses to train you up to a high level of proficiency and safe firearms handling.

What matches will be on offer in the future?

Proposed disciplines are as follows;
1) Action Match (sub-discipline Steel Challenge),
2) Air Rifle Field Target,
3) Benchrest (sub-discipline International Rimfire Benchrest),
4) Big Game Rifle,
5) Combined Services,
6) Field Rifle (sub-disciplines SSAA 3 Positional, Scoped Air Rifle, NRA 3 Positional Any Sight),
7) Fly Shoot,
8) Gallery Rifle,
9) Handgun Metallic Silhouette,
10) Junior Sports Shooting,
11) Law Enforcement Activities (LEAD),
12) Lever Action,
13) Long Range Precision,
14) Muzzle Loading,
15) Practical Shooting,
16) Rifle Metallic Silhouette,
17) Shotgun (Sporting Clay’s, 5 Stand, Low Field, High Field, Trap & Skeet)
18) Single Action,
19) Target Pistol,
20) IPSC,
21) Archery
22) 3 gun (not an official comp yet – SSAA are working on it!)
23) A Collectors Club – Classes ABCH (Military history theme)

How can I be a part of this?
If you would like to be a part of this exciting venture, follow us on this page or our Facebook page and message us for membership details to join the club for the early-bird discount rate. Many are already working tirelessly to make this club a reality. But what we can offer and how soon will depend on everyone “getting their hands dirty”. If you can volunteer your time to help us get this club and complex developed, we’d love to hear from you. If you have any special skills or trade expertise that you can donate to develop the club (electricians, plumbers, chippy’s, tilers, builders etc) please let us know asap. Remember, we are a not-for-profit club and will be relying heavily on the generosity of members to make this happen. Any building materials or plant and equipment that can be supplied free-of-charge will be gratefully received and help ensure the future of our sport for generations to come.

When do we shoot

At Tungkillo – not just yet, we initially plan to shoot Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays

While we wait for ranges to be built and approved we have been granted access to the SSAA Monarto range as a temporary venue. Hoping for building to commence in 2020. Watch this space!

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