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Barossa Districts Shooting Club Inc

Contact Details

Location: Monarto Shooting Complex – 52 Rifle Rd, Monarto South, SA, 5254
Club Contacts: Craig –

Current Program

About the Club

A new SSAA club currently using the Monarto Shooting Complex until we can find our own parcel of land in the Barossa region. If you own a suitable parcel of land in the region and might be open to the idea of leasing a small portion of it to our club to set up a shotgun, pistol and short (100m) rifle range, we’d love to hear from you. An old quarry or a corner of a paddock that backs up to a hill or the like might be ideal.

What will we shoot

Currently, we shoot various Rifle and Pistol matches on ranges 1 – 7

What about licensing?
If you need assistance with rifle, shotgun and pistol licensing we can help. We have SAPOL-accredited firearms safety instructors that will be running courses to train you up to a high level of proficiency and safe firearms handling.

1) Action Match (sub-discipline Steel Challenge),
2) Air Rifle Field Target,
3) Benchrest (sub-discipline International Rimfire Benchrest),
4) Combined Services,
5) Field Rifle (sub-disciplines SSAA 3 Positional, Scoped Air Rifle, NRA 3 Positional Any Sight),
6) Handgun Metallic Silhouette,
7) Junior Sports Shooting,
8) Lever Action,
9) Long Range Precision,
10) Muzzle Loading,
11) Rifle Metallic Silhouette,
12) Shotgun patterning,
13) Single Action,
14) Target Pistol,

When do we shoot

Scroll back up and click on “Barossa Districts Shooting Club Program” to download the Monarto Program and look in the Barossa column.

Club Enquiry

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