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Big Game Rifle Club

Contact Details

Location: SSAA Monarto Shooting Complex, 52 Rifle Road, Monarto South SA 5254  Email:

President: Kim Mussared
0409 090 761

Secretary: John Hender
0413 451 839

About the Club

The Big Game Rifle Club (SA) Inc was formed for the express purpose of allowing shooters to hone their hunting skills by providing disciplines designed to simulate actual hunting environments. This is unlike most other club activities where, in general, specifically designed and dedicated firearms are required to compete.

As the club name suggests, our focus is on the larger game species, with a slant towards African game. However, the individual events are designed in such a way that members can use their favourite hunting rifles from 22RF to 600NE.

If your primary interest for owning firearms is hunting and you wish to gain those skills which will greatly assist in making you an ethical hunter, ensure quick, clean kills and ensure you do so in a safe manner, then our club will provide the perfect medium to achieve those goals and improve your shooting ability in the format you desire.

So, come along and try! Not only will you be able to use your favorite rifle(s) and get to see how good you actually are, you will also have the opportunity to see (and use if you desire) many of the famous and fabulous firearms used by those intrepid big game hunters of Africa, India and elsewhere during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The atmosphere is friendly, laidback and can at times be exciting. We welcome visitors and members will only be too happy to provide advice, information and answer any questions you may have. There is a wealth experience at your disposal!

What do we shoot

  • SSAA Big Game Rifle

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