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About SSAA SA Inc

Our full name is the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (South Australia) Incorporated.

With 35 Clubs, SSAA SA caters for the needs of Rifle, Handgun and Shotgun Shooters. Our wide variety of activities include firearms safety training, target shooting, hunting, primary production, archery, working gundogs and collecting. If you like to compete, target shoot, need to sight in a firearm, or are a newcomer and just want to Try Shooting and meet new people, then come for a visit.

The first question many people ask is, what is the SSAA SA?

SSAA SA is the largest shooting organisation representing all law abiding firearms owners in South Australia with 35 affiliated clubs and thousands of members state-wide. We represent shooters with a wide variety of interests ranging from target shooting, plinking, hunting, archery, working gundogs and firearm collecting.

If you are a newcomer looking for an opportunity to try an exciting and challenging sport, or an experienced shooter wanting to improve your skills, meet new people or becoming more active, then you have come to the right place.

Our Clubs and Matches

In South Australia the SSAA SA state organisation is based around its clubs. Our clubs are structured to allow people to either participate in competitions or to sight in a new firearm for their next hunting trip.

Many of our club matches are based firmly on field shooting and do not require a dedicated target firearm or equipment to start. Many of the matches are graded competitions so that it caters to the local club shooter as well as, national and international competitors. There is also a large variety of matches to suit nearly every type of firearm.

A popular shooting discipline based around field shooting is Field Rifle. This match utilises rifles with open, peep or telescopic sights, and is an excellent way to improve your accuracy and develop your shooting position techniques at a variety of distances.

Please click here to find a Club that might suit your interests.

Our Strength

The State association recognises that our members are our strength. They come from all walks of life, from Juniors as young as 10 years old, doctors to boiler-makers and union organisers to company directors. We encourage all shooters to join us and to help protect our chosen sport.

Membership Benefits

Being a SSAA SA member gives you:

  • Access to 35 Clubs across the state (Please contact your nearest club to find out details for visitors, as some ranges may have daily range fees for non club members);
  • Access to more than 440 other SSAA Clubs/Ranges across the country;
  • Access to participate in State, National and International competition for a variety of shooting disciplines;
  • Access to coaching and training courses to improve your skills and knowledge regarding the responsibilities of firearm ownership, and to help provide a safe environment for yourself and others;
  • The potential to gain access to other Firearms Licence Categories outside of hunting;
  • The potential to gain access to Hunting and Conservation Programs;
  • Access to a personal liability insurance policy whenever you are shooting (on the range or in the field);
  • The Australian Shooter Magazine, ASJ, Junior Shooter, Hunter Magazine and other publications;
  • Access to the SSAA National E-Newsletter and E-Alert Service;
  • Access to the SSAA SA eNews Service.

Your membership also gives us strength to lobby the State and Federal Governments on matters that affect our sport. The greater our membership, the more effective we are.


Download a copy of the SSAA SA Inc Constitution;

Introducing the SSAA Allambi Shooting Complex