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All Clubs are required to have a COVID Safe Plan which must be printed and placed on site. These individual plans include a COVID Safe Check In QR Code. Members and visitors will need to download the mySA GOV app to scan this Code.

Current Direction details – https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/emergency-declarations/public-activities

Further information is available here;



COVID Marshals

From Friday 21 August, all sporting clubs must have a qualified COVID Marshal at every event.

It is recommended that SSAA SA Clubs ask all of their Range Officers to undertake the ‘COVID Marshal’ online training and certification.


A COVID Marshal must:

  • be easily identifiable (e.g. brightly coloured garments, eye-catching lanyards or badges with ‘COVID MARSHAL’ displayed)
  • be present and on duty while the activity is operating
  • take reasonable action to ensure compliance of COVID-Safe or COVID Management Plans

Covid-Safe Plan

ALL Clubs must complete an individual COVID-19 Safe Plan before 1 June.

“Organisations (sport and recreation clubs) that were previously directed to close under the Directions must complete a COVID-19 Safe Plan (the Plan) before they can reopen. The Plan will outline how organisations staff and patrons can be kept safe from COVID-19.”

The plan must be completed, PRINTED, and made available at organisations premises.

COVID-19 Safe Plan Information

Complete the COVID-Safe Plan form

SSAA SA Range Reopening Guidelines

Return To Sport Updates

Wild Dog Bounty

COVID-19 Category H Exemptions

Firearms Clubs – Email Out – Exemptions for Cat H Re COVID-19

TV and Radio Reports


Clubs adopting the Model Club Constitution should consider the document thoroughly and at minimum replace all ******* with their specific details. A General Meeting of the Club is required to accept or amend. Constitutions then need approval from the SSAA SA State Council prior to lodgment. For lodging a new or amended Constitution or a change in Public Officer, follow the instructions on the Consumer and Business Services website – Associations & Cooperatives.

SSAA SA Claim and Grant Forms

Government and Political

Monarto Shooting Complex

The Monarto Shooting Complex is an area 60km east of Adelaide on which a number of shooting Clubs and associations are situated. The SSAA SA also has its State office and training centre at Monarto.

The Association’s ranges at Monarto are numbered 1-7, from which 11 Clubs shoot. These Clubs are: Adelaide Target Shooters Club (S22), Precision Shooting Club (S37), Monarto Handgun Metallic Silhouette Club (S10), Monarto Metallic Silhouette Rifle Club (S07), Security & Allied Services Firearms Club (S28), Conservation and Wildlife Management (S09), Big Game Rifle Club (S31), Goolwa Pistol Club (S25), Monarto Black Powder & Shooting Club (S12).

The ranges are divided into two groups. Ranges 1-4 have shooting distances from 25m to 500m. Ranges 5-7 have distances from 25m to 200m. The Monarto ranges are also used by other Clubs for specific events, such as Para Black Powder (S06) and Goolwa Pistol Club (S25).

Please note that the SSAA Monarto State Range Program 2021 has been produced as a planning tool for range allocation and does not show what disciplines or events individual Clubs have on the ranges they are programmed to use. SSAA SA Clubs are identified by two means; their name and an Association number; eg Monarto Metallic Silhouette Rifle Club (S07).

For information regarding the nature of the Club use on a particular day, please contact the Club directly.



Regarding National Police Clearance: You will note when you read through the document that forms submitted for volunteer organisations have no charge attached as the SSAA SA will submit the form with our confidential VOAN number clearance.

Fill out your application form online, print it off, have a JP or qualified person witness your 100 point documents and then submit your form to SSAA SA. We we will apply the VOAN and forward it to SAPOL. When approved it be be sent directly back to you.

If you have any further questions after reading the documents on line please contact us.

Working With Children Checks

Department of Human Services (DHS) screening for working with children

Please note that organisations such as SSAA SA require a screening check with the DHS if you are engaging in employment or volunteer work with children.

Screening checks by the DHS involves a risk assessment specifically focused on the applicant’s risk in relation to a particular work or volunteer role. There is no such risk assessment with the National Police Certificate which is simply a record of the applicant’s criminal conviction history.

Clubs and associations involving children

Clubs and associations that provide services or activities and have: a significant membership of children, or a significant involvement by children are doing child-related work.

Clubs and associations include a reference to a body (whether or not incorporated and however described) providing services or undertaking activities of a sporting, recreational, cultural or artistic nature.

Coaching or tuition services for children

Coaching or tuition services for children means services provided to children consisting of instruction in one or more of the following areas: education, sports, recreational activities, cultural awareness or cultural activities, arts and crafts, and includes coaching or tuition services provided in the course of any other service or activity that is defined as child-related work under the Prohibited Persons Act.

SSAA SA Range Officers, Firearm Safety Training Instructors, Club Officials, Club Members and all other persons who have an involvement with children must apply directly for a Working With Children Check.

Junior Shooters

SSAA National Membership

Note that SSAA SA generously pays the annual SSAA National Membership fee for all Junior Shooters from 10 up to 18 years of age. Scan and send your Junior Membership, Applications and Renewals, to treasurer@ssaasa.org.au and Cc secretary@ssaasa.org.au or by post to SSAA SA, GPO Box 1605, Adelaide SA 5001.

Age Restrictions

Acceptance of new members

And Club Chits

Section 74 of the Firearms Regulations 2017

74—Acceptance of new members
(1) A recognised firearms club that is a shooting club must not grant an application for
membership of the club unless—
(a) the applicant has produced to the club—
(i) a firearms licence held by the applicant; or
(ii) a notice issued by the Registrar under regulation 28 to the applicant
within the preceding 60 days; or
(iii) a notice issued by the Registrar within the preceding 60 days, stating
that the Registrar is satisfied that the applicant is a fit and proper
person to be granted membership of a shooting club; and
(b) if the applicant holds a licence authorising the applicant to possess a category
H firearm for use as a member of a shooting club or the applicant intends to
use a category H firearm in the course of the applicant’s membership of the club—
the applicant has, in addition, produced to the club—
(i) 2 references each of which appears to have been signed by a person
within the preceding 60 days and to state that the person has known
the applicant for at least the preceding 2 years and that the applicant
is a person of good character and a suitable person to be a member of
a firearms club; and
(ii) a criminal history report (such as a National Police Certificate)
relating to the person provided by South Australia Police or the ACC
or an ACC accredited agency or broker within the preceding 12

Maximum penalty: $2500.00
Expiation fee: $210.00