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David Handyside

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John Hender

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James Reeves

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0418 820 470

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Barmera Pistol & Rifle Club (Riverland)

Contact Details

Postal Address: PO Box 30, Barmera SA 5345

President: Mark Shugg
0417 846 503

Secretary: Yvonne Jex
0421 622 371


About the Club

The SSAA Barmera Pistol and Rifle Club complex consists of a sheltered 8 bench firing mound, the firing mound features all weather access and is also wheel chair access friendly. This allows pistol shooters to shoot from distances starting at 25m and rifle shooters to shoot up to 500m, to cater for 500-metre fly shoots and military matches.

The clubrooms have been refurbished many times during the years and now feature toilet facilities. Camping areas are also available.

The range is certified for all SSAA matches, but the main interests include many of the SSAA pistol and rifle shooting disciplines.

SSAA Barmera Pistol and Rifle Club is unique in that it has a very diverse membership current membership stands at 38 active members, the members main interests are supporting junior development and community based environmental rehabilitation programs.


Target Rimfire and Centrefire, Service Pistol Comp, 3p Military Rimfire and Centrefire 25m, Standard Pistol


Field Rifle Rimfire and Centrefire, Fly Shoot Rimfire and Centrefire, Metallic Silhouette, Benchrest competition Rimfire and Centrefire

When do we shoot

Most Sunday’s from the start of February until the end of November

Disciplines practiced

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