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Adelaide Target Shooters

Contact Details

Location: Range 6, Monarto Shooting Complex, 52 Rifle Road, Monarto South SA 5254

Peter Mellor 0422 864 462

Current Program

About the Club

Our family and female friendly Club at the Monarto Shooting Complex ranges from 25 to 200m with paper targets provided. Shooters can bring air rifles, rimfires, centrefires, or shotguns for patterning.

If you like to target shoot, plink, need to sight in a firearm or just want to Try Shooting, then Adelaide Target Shooters Club is the place for you.

We also conduct regular approved courses for those wanting a Firearms Licence A1 and B1.

No Firearms Licence is required to visit or come and Try Shooting at our Club under the direct supervision of our instructors. However you must have photo ID and not be prohibited from using a firearm.

Adelaide Target Shooters began back in 1970, when a small group of keen shooters sought to establish a range on the southern side of Adelaide. The original members included such Adelaide notables as Jack Conquest, Jack Mansfield, Syd Miller, Bob Sharrard and Ray Stone. Ray was a keen shooter with a pilot’s licence, so he hired a Cessna and flew up and down the South Coast looking for a suitable area.

One was soon located in a stone quarry at Reynella, and the rent was set at one bottle of Scotch whisky for the landowner. ATSC was formed and grew to a membership capped at 20 shooters.
Time marched on and a freeway was built through the area close to the range. It was time to move, and in May of 2004 the ATS became a SSAA branch at the Monarto Range complex, south-east of Adelaide. As most of the shooters at ATSC were already SSAA members, it was an easy decision for the club to make.

Monthly shoots are programmed and a variety of firearms are usually being put through their paces. There are no serious competitions here as the club was always aimed at the social and family side of shooting and firearms use. The range we use (Range 6) has a maximum range of 200 meters.

We cater for the shooter who is sighting in, load developing or just practicing. We have friendly club competitions from time to time with anything from hunting rifles to all out competition grade benchrest rifles, shooting for both group size and score.  We also have a Christmas shoot which we try to make a little different.

Our members form a broad cross section of shooters, from those who like to put couple of rounds through their favourite firearm and enjoy some camaraderie to those who are tuning their benchrest rifle to peak performance.

Membership requirements 

New members are always welcome. Currently our annual membership subscription is $75.00, and we have waived the usual joining fee. Membership of SSAA is mandatory before joining. Non member visits are only $20.00 per attendance.

If you do not own a firearm, or are yet to obtain your firearms licence, we can arrange for you to use a rifle and ammunition at cost, for use on the day. We will assist you with information on how to obtain your licence.

SAPOL require that members of any firearms club must have Fireams Licence Category 1 (Shooting Club) on their Licence. If you do not have this, we can assist you to obtain it, as some training is required. We have several qualified Firearms Safety Training Instructors in the Club who will guide you through the process. This is a free service we offer.

Why not come and check us out?  ATSC is a Club for all the family.

What do we shoot

  • Rimfire Rifle
  • Centrefire Rifle
  • Air Rifle
  • Shotgun

Note: Shotgun is static targets only/pattern testing

Disciplines practiced

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